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Dani's parents Diane and Bernie Lierow are deeply grateful to everyone who has expressed support for Dani. In response to requests from people who want to help, a fund has been established by the Lierow family to support Dani's therapy and long term care.

Since the story "the Girl in the Window" about Dani Lierow was published in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper on August 1st, 2008 hundreds of thousands of readers across the world have been moved by her story. Readers from around the world continue to read the story of Dani, written by Lane DeGregory, online and hundreds have been inspired to comment. Most of those who have reached out to communicate with Dani and her family have wanted to express their good wishes and support. Many people have requested a way that they can donate funds to support Dani's long term care and ongoing therapy.

The Lierow family welcomes messages from those who wish to share their comments on this website. My Blue Robot in Tampa, Florida has very generously donated the creation of this website to help connect those who care about Dani with information about her progress. You are invited to visit this site as it will be periodically updated to share news about Dani.

All messages sent to this site will be read by the Lierows personally. It is Diane and Bernie's hope that by sharing Dani's story they can inspire others to adopt foster children like Dani. Right now there are approximately 300,000 American children in foster care who are hoping for a forever family to adopt them. They live each day with the hope of a better tomorrow. It is their courage and strength that the Lierow family wishes to recognize. As this website continues to develop, the Lierows hope to include additional helpful information and resources to assist foster and adoptive families.

Individuals and places of worship around America have expressed an interest in participating in ongoing prayer for Dani and the thousands of foster children in America who live in state care without a family of their own to love them. The Lierows hope that by sharing Dani's story they can encourage anyone who suspects a case of child abuse and neglect to report it immediately. Most of all they want to thank you for taking the time to visit Dani's website.

The Lierow family sends you their blessings.

PS. there are approximately 100 Heart Galleries recruiting adoptive families for foster children in America. Dani's picture was featured in the Tampa Bay Heart Gallery in Tampa. Florida www.heartgallerytampabay.org, and subsequently she found a forever family. Heart Galleries across the country are filled with waiting foster children hoping to be adopted. Please visit www.heartgalleryofamerica.org today to learn more.
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A new story updating how Dani is doing today will appear on a segment of Oprah's current show on the (OWN) network called "Where are They Now?" on June 15th, 2014 at 9pm EST / 8pm Central.

Recently Oprah's crew came to the LIerow's home, filmed Dani and interviewed Diane and Bernie. Don't miss this special update!
Updates on Dani...
May 2014

In Memory of Our Dear Friend

Dani Lierow
Garet White and Dani

A Special Message from Bernie Lierow and Family

With deep sadness we share the news that our family’s dear friend, Miss Garet White passed away this May 2014. Garet first cared for Dani when she was taken into state custody and was Dani’s case manager and unwavering advocate. Garet insisted that Dani be given the chance to be adopted and she persisted until that dream came true.

Garet was the first person who recognized the spirit locked away behind the big brown eyes of our daughter Dani when she was taken into child welfare.

It was Garet who was determined and fought every step of the way to make sure that the light she saw in Dani would not be extinguished. We are not sure that Dani would be alive today if Garet had not been so dedicated.

Garet created the path that led us to our daughter and gave Dani a chance for new life where she could know the love of a family.

Since Dani's story traveled around the globe, we have met many wonderful people and families with special needs children and others who care about kids. We have been blessed to know them and even more blessed to help and encourage them.

Knowing Garet is one of the most special blessings to come into our life since adopting Dani. Garet wanted Dani to be happy and to be loved. And that is our wish for you Garet, as you are now with our Lord. God bless you and your family, we will never forget you.

- Bernie Lieow and family.

Hope & DanielleOctober 2010

Danielle is doing well; she has grown a lot and is almost as tall as us! She enjoys swimming, horseback riding, and attended "Empower Me Day Camp" over the summer, which kept her busy with lots of crafts, water play, and activities during the summer. We also had two foster girls stay with us over the summer, so there was a lot going on and no boredom at our house over summer break! She started school at the beginning of August, and is doing very well in her special Ed classroom, with a lot less tantrums than last year! She attended several county fairs where brother William showed his goats and chickens in 4-H competitions, and enjoyed the rides, ice cream, cotton candy, as well as looking at all the exhibits.

August 2010

We moved to a farm over the summer and with that came the introduction of Dani's new "Therapy Pony". She has been learning how to love and care for her new pony and as you can see, she enjoys it very much. Now she isn't afraid of touching the big horses at theraputic horseback riding. The pony's name is Hope and she is 12 years old.

Dani started back to school at the beginning of August, and is doing Pre-K work such as tracing her letters.

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